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 Speech-Language Pathology 

We offer comprehensive services across the lifespan.

Speech, Language, Cognition, & Swallowing

College / Interview Prep

Corporate Communication

Learn how to control your voice and perfect your pragmatic language to obtain an edge over competition during college/career interviews.

Expand your understanding of syntax to perfect your college/graduate admission essay and/or resume to best represent who you are.

Promote effective and healthy communication amongst employees for increased productivity and professional relationships.

Improve the quality and health of your voice to best represent who you are as a person.

Modify your accent if you feel it affects your ability to be best understood, perform your job efficiently, or want to learn a new accent for a performance.

Improve your articulation, expressive/receptive language, cognitive ability, or swallowing post brain injury or progressive neurodegenerative diagnosis.

Speech & Voice

Verbal & Written Language

Our accents and vocal qualities are aethetic attributes from which our listeners gain insight into our personalities.
The formal and organized means we have developed for communicating our needs, wants, and desires.
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Our ability to successfully complete the executive functions necessary to accomplish activities.
Our ability to safely intake solids and liquids to maintain adequate nutrition and hydration.
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